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Here is a list of Gin you can buy online in New Zealand. This wasn’t an exercise of finding the cheapest price for each Gin available to buy online in New Zealand. I was out to hunt down as many different brands of Gin for sale online in New Zealand. A number of the prices listed are the regular prices, but the websites have them available cheaper or on sale. (Prices are a guide only and accurate at April 2015)

The table key for the websites listed to date. (I have only purchased Gin online from Liquor Cabinet so far)
BB – Big Barrel
FWDC – Fine Wine Delivery Company
GG – Glengarry
LC – Liquor Cabinet (crazy cheap prices, and super fast delivery)
LM – LiquorMart
RWS – Regional Wines & Spirits
TS – TopShelf Liquor
WM – Whiskey & More

Other places you can look:
Cocktail Merchant – top end gins, also selection of glassware and cocktail equipment
The Spirit Shop – some unusual Gin, and hard to get in NZ, but several out of stock, and lots of “1 left” so I didn’t bother adding to this table. (including No.209, Beefeater Wet Gin, Bloom London Dry Gin,
The Mill – small range, sharp prices, usuals, plus a couple of budget brands (Trafalgar & Gibsons)
Boozee – nothing unusual, you can check pricing to see if they offer your gin at the best deal.
Liquor King – they only have 6-8 Gins, usual suspects.

Click on the price to be taken to the page to buy the Gin.

1st Cut Gin Original 700ml41%$63.45
Adnams Distillery
Copper House Gin 700ml
Adnams Distillery
Copper House Finest Cut Gin 700ml
Black Robin Rare Gin 750ml43%$75.99$74.99$70.95
Blackwoods Strong Gin 700ml60%$79.95
Beefeater Gin 1000ml40%$41.99$44.99$45.99$42.95$47.99$40.99
Beefeater Gin '24' 700ml45%$66.80
Beefeater Summer Edition Gin 700ml
Berkeley Square Gin 700ml40%$64.99
Boe Superior Dry Gin 700ml47%$70.15
Bokma Jonge Geneva Gin 1000ml$60.40
Bokma Oude Geneva Gin 1000ml40%$62.65
Bombay Sapphire Gin 1000ml40%$46.99$53.99$46.99$49.99$57.99$44.99
Bombay Sapphire Gin 700ml40%$42.99$46.99
Boodles British London Dry Gin45.2%$59.99$55.99
Botanist (The) Islay Dry Gin 700ml46%$79.99$69.99$88.99$87.90$69.99
Broken Heart Gin 700ml40%$61.99$55.99$54.75
Broker’s London Dry Gin 700ml40%$44.99$29.99$46.99
Bulldog Gin 700ml40%$54.99$69.85$69.99
Chase Distillery Elegant Crisp Gin 700ml48%$89.99
Chase Distillery Great British Gin 700ml40%$69.99
Christies Crisp NZ Gin 1000ml40%$44.99$51.99$59.99
Citadelle Gin Reserve 750ml (Yellow)44%$81.75
Darnleys View Elderflower Gin 700ml40%$49.99
De Korenaer Jonge Jenever 1000ml35%$52.99
De Kuyper Jeneva Gin 700ml$42.99$48.00$51.99
Few American Gin 750ml40%$93.10
Fifty Pounds Gin 700ml43.5%$64.99
Four Pillars Gin 700ml41.8%$74.99
Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin 700ml25%$49.99$46.95
Gilbeys Dry Gin 1000ml37.5%$29.99$37.99$39.99
Gin Mare 700ml42.7%$99.99$112.99$110.75$109.99
Goblet Jonge Jenever$43.99
Gordon's Gin 1000ml37.2%$35.99$37.99$38.99$46.25$41.99$33.99
Greenalls Green Gin 1000ml37.2%$34.99$39.99$43.65$39.99$34.99
Hayman's London Dry Gin 1000ml40%$44.99$44.99$47.99$51.99$45.99
Hayman's Sloe Gin 700ml26%$36.99$35.99$44.25
Hayman's Old Tom Gin 700ml40%$44.99$49.99$50.85$44.99
Hayman's 1820 Gin Liqueur 700ml40%$49.99$46.99$52.99
Heaven Hill Dry Gin 1000ml40%$43.99
Hendrick’s Gin 700ml41.4%$84.99$79.99$89.00$82.99$92.95$74.99
Hendrick's Gin 1000ml41.4%$104.99$115.00$113.99$128.00$129.99
Junipero Premium Gin 750ml49.3%$81.99
Ketel 1 Graanjenever Gin 1000ml$56.45
Lighthouse Batch Distilled Gin 750ml42%$49.99$56.99$54.99$58.55$44.99
Lighthouse Gin
Hawthorn Edition 700ml
Mahurangi Gin40%$75.99
Martin Miller's Gin 700ml40%$64.99$65.70$69.99$59.99
Matakana Moonshine Gin 700ml37.2%$31.99
Matakana Moonshine Gin 1000ml37.2%$38.99
McCormick Gin 1000ml40%$39.99
Miller's Westbourne Gin 700ml45.2%$104.25
Mississippi River Rose Gin 750ml40%$79.80
Monkey 47 Gin 500ml47%$114.10
No 3 London Dry Gin 750ml46%$89.99$115.99$111.85
NY Distilling Co
Dorothy Parker American Gin 750ml
NY Distilling Co
Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin 750ml
Plymouth Gin 1000ml41.2%$94.99$99.95
Portobello Road No.171 Gin 700ml42%$54.99
Old Raj Cadenhead Gin 700ml46%$60.60
Old Raj Cadenhead Gin 55% 700ml55%$71.10
Rogue Society Premium Dry Gin 750ml40%$69.99$79.99$80.95$73.99
Saffron Gin 700ml40%$54.99$59.99$61.30$61.99$54.99
Seagrams London Dry Gin 1000ml37.2%$34.99$41.99$44.99
Seagers Gin 1000ml37.2%$31.99$42.99$36.99$37.95$37.99$30.99
Seagers Lime Twisted Gin 1000ml37.2%$31.99$37.99$37.99
Seagers Cucumber Gin 1000ml37.2%$31.99
Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700ml41.6%$70.40$65.99
Sipsmith London Dry Gin VJOP 700ml57.7%$92.95
Sipsmith Summer Cup 500ml29%$44.99
South Gin 700ml40.2%$24.99$53.99$52.35$59.99
Tanqueray Gin 700ml40%$39.99$44.99
Tanqueray Gin 1000ml40%$46.99$54.99$46.99$54.99$54.40$57.99$45.99
Tanqueray 10 Gin 1000ml47.3%$99.99$109.00$110.95$114.99$84.99
Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 700ml41.3%$61.99
Vaione Premium Pacific Gin40.2%$69.99$79.99
Vedrich Gin 500ml45%$24.99
Wembley London Dry Gin 1000ml40%$36.99
Whitley Neill Dry Gin 700ml42%$69.99$66.95

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