We have several botanicals which can make New Zealand Gin unique. The popular ones seem to be KawaKawa, Horopito and Manuka.

Below is what I have been able to gather about what botanicals are used in each of the New Zealand made gins. Most of these details have come from their bottles and websites. It seems as though some want to keep the ingredients a bit of a secret, and others are proud of what they are using. I find in some cases they say they use certain ingredients, but it doesn’t really seem to be adding much to the aroma or flavour of the gin.

 1st CutRouge SocietyViaoneSouth GinBlack RobinChristiesLighthouse   
Juniper. XX XX X X X
Horopito X X
KawaKawaX X X
Hops. X
AngelicaX XX
OrrisX XX
LemonXX X
Lime XX
OrangeX XX X
LiquoriceX X
CassiaX X
Grains of Paradise X
CardamomX X
Cubeb X
Bitter Almond X
Manuka BerriesX
Gentian RootX
Others +5